In 1996, I wrote and self-published a book called Un-Jobbing: The Adult Liberation Handbook. It’s all about living the life you truly want to live without major, full-time employment and still making your ends meet. It’s part philosophy, part budget advice, and part radical thinking. I’ve changed quite a bit since writing this, so I don’t agree and follow everything in here myself now. It’s interesting to look back on this now. If the book or some part of it is helpful to you, I would be pleased. 

It is no longer in print.  You can see it on Amazon and buy it on the used market. The print version has an outdated appendix.

But, it’s now in an updated version as an e-book. Here is the kindle version and the nook version. You can also get it at Apple’s iBookstore.  Or, you can get it here and here among probably other places.


other people have used the term both with and without knowing about my book.

For example:

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