CDs and Links

I have participated in the recording of two CDs in recent years.  One is with Merrilee Elliott, flutist, and includes solo guitar as well as flute and guitar duos. It’s available on CDBaby and iTunes. The other one was with the Lexington Guitar Trio; and it is available on CDBaby.  See below.

Dance CD on

MICHAEL FOGLER, GUITARIST AND MERRILEE ELLIOTT, FLUTIST: Dance — A Variety of Dance Music for Guitar Solo and Flute & Guitar Duo

Dance CD on iTunes Michael Fogler & Merrilee Elliott

Lexington Guitar Trio CD

LEXINGTON GUITAR TRIO: Dragons, Moods & Safaris - 20th and 21st Century Music for 3 Guitars

Want to see some videos of live performances?  Check out my YouTube Channel.

Below are some good resources for both the student and professional guitarist:

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