ManKind Project

I found the ManKind Project (MKP) in 1996, just when I was in the midst of writing Un-Jobbing. It was a pivotal time in my life, as I was wrestling with all the issues that Un-Jobbing discusses. MKP is about men’s work — men working with other men to create lives of purposeful missions, and lives that act from a place of integrity and accountability. To me it’s so real, that it’s exhilarating.

Next, I did a men’s weekend called the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA). That was one amazing, powerful weekend.  I started to understand what being a man was all about.  I also understood that as much as I liked women, there were some things I needed to do that only other men could help me with; because only other men understood what it’s like to be a man.

More important than the incredible weekend, was the follow-up.  In fact, I’m still doing the follow-up. What happens after the NWTA is more training in the skills of emotions and communications in small men’s groups.  I’m still in one of those small men’s groups, now about 19 years later!  Life has a way of continuing to throw curves, and my “I-Group” (standing for Integration Group) continues to help me, as I continue to show up and be of help to other men.

MKP started in the 1980s, and now there are tens of thousands of men all over the world on several continents who have done the NWTA and continue to sit in men’s circles.  I am a part of one of the dozens of Centers in the MKP organization, MKP Kentucky.

And for you ladies who have read this, there is a sibling organization for women called Woman Within.  It’s similar to MKP, only it’s different.  And since I’m a man, I can’t tell you how!  🙂 One of the really interesting activities in my life is that, in addition to the men’s I-Group, I also meet in a mixed group of half women (from Woman Within) and half men from MKP.  Very awesome.

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