Join me in boycotting the presidential debates – here’s why

I have no intention to watch any of the presidential debates. I encourage everyone to boycott them. These are my reasons:

#1 They exclude candidates. Heaven forbid we should hear more and different ideas. The media ignore the “third party” candidates, so then they don’t get the amount of support in the polls which satisfies the arbitrary rule of 15%, which then means they can’t get any significant exposure. Can you say Catch-22? This is an injustice and is undemocratic.

#2 Donald Trump is a buffoon, a total jerk, and an embarrassment for our country as a presidential candidate of one of our “major” political parties. He does not deserve any attention from the people. There’s no reason to dignify him in any way by watching and listening to anything he might have to say. 

#3 Hillary Clinton is very good at saying things that sound good, and we’ve already heard the content of her scripts ad infinitum and ad nauseum. She’s damn lucky that her “major” opponent is as horrible as he is, and the opponents that at least have some human decency and intelligence are not allowed on the same stage with her.

These debates are but one aspect of an electoral system that is sorely needing reforms (see my previous post). The whole thing is not worth it. I have much better things to do with my life’s moments. It would be great to see huge percentages of the public ignore these shows. We need to find more ways to send the message that our entire process of electing a president is unacceptable. Let’s start with ignoring the debates. 

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