A profound realization: For everything, there is a window

For me, this has been a profound realization. For everything – every thing – there is a window. What I mean by that, is that every thing in the universe comes into an existence, and at some point in time, dies. Everything. The window opens for something, and at some point in time later, the window shuts.

The window for something could be a few seconds, or a few days, or a few months or years or decades. Or it could be thousands or millions or even billions of years. But it IS a window, and it WILL shut. No exceptions. This is true for everything, from bacteria to plants to animals (including humans) to planets, stars, and galaxies.

What humans tend to lose sight of is that our point of view and vantage point is simply one infinitesimal snapshot in time. Look around you. What you see is merely a snapshot in time. At another time, everything you see will not be there. It’s only a matter of time. My window is turning out to be several decades. An ant’s window might be a few days or months. A tree’s window might be two or three hundred years. A planet or star’s window might be several billion years.

Even the favorable condition for reasonable human life on Earth has a window. We’re in the middle of something like a 100,000 year window between Ice Ages. And the way we’re bringing on climate change, we may be bringing on a much sooner window than that which will shut down on human existence. About 99% of all species that have lived on this planet have gone extinct. We’re just another species, perhaps with a bit more reasoning and brain capacity, but just another species nonetheless. Things come into existence and then at some point go out of existence. That seems to be the primary rule of the universe in which we find ourselves.

This seems so simple, right? It’s not very deep and profound in that way. Granted. But that’s what makes this realization so profound. It IS simple. There is no other, deeper explanation necessary or even worth wasting time on. Delving into “there’s a reason for everything” is a complete waste of window time. It’s the bullshit of asking why about the goings on in one’s life or even about life itself. Physics is real. Metaphysics (not real) is our insecurity about the reality and the finality represented by physics.

So this is it. I popped into existence, I am given several decades before the window shuts (if I’m lucky), and then I literally no longer exist. What an amazing, exceedingly simple, and yes profound realization! Given the reality of that: what am I going to do with what time remains before the window shuts down on my existence?

THAT is the important question.

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