No wonder I thought religious stories were crazy – they’re fiction! (#Atheism)

Growing up, I thought it was crazy some of the stories I learned about in my religious upbringing (Judaism), as well as stories from other religious traditions. Stories like Noah’s ark and the worldwide flood, the parting of the Red Sea, Jesus coming back from the dead, Muhammad riding up to heaven alive and some say on a winged horse, Moses climbing up a mountain and getting the ten commandments from God on a piece of stone.

This all did seem crazy. Even as a kid I thought: how could there be a worldwide flood? How could two animals of every species fit on a boat no matter how large? And how could all those animals survive for a year? And that’s just the Noah’s ark story. Other stories seemed equally implausible. Even still, I clung on to a belief in God.

Years later, I embraced atheism and gave up believing in anything supernatural. Once I experienced that relief (and what a great relief it was), I began reading and exploring. I found the works of Richard Carrier, David Fitzgerald, and Bart Erhman and others. According to these and other historians, there is no archeological evidence for any of the supernatural stories of the bible. These three men along with other serious scholars and historians, think that a specific person known as Moses and the one known as Jesus probably didn’t even exist. They believe these and very probably other characters or composites of several people. There is not evidence that the Jews were enslaved in Egypt, something I was taught from a very early age. Bart Erhman, interestingly, was at first a devout Christian; but after doing much research and seeing the fiction of the bible, he became a nonbeliever.

So, yea, the Red Sea did not part. No one has ever found evidence of dead Egyptians who drowned in that body of water. The bible is a work with literally tens of thousands of contradictions, not to mention stories that have no basis in reality. I never thought of this before, but isn’t it strange that all those “miracles” occurred only in a small time in history and only in a tiny part of the world.  Hmm… that is suspicious.

It’s time to call religion what it is: mythology and fiction. It’s not real, and I don’t wish to waste my life moments on it.


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