We must look beyond THIS election

If you are a progressive but thinking of voting for Obama, I invite you to look beyond THIS election. Our heads are in the sand, drowning in fear about how horrible Romney is. For me, though, it’s not about THIS election. It’s about beginning to begin to change this undemocratic (e.g. the winner take all Electoral College crap), money corrupted, rigged political system. Our electoral system is getting worse and worse all the time. More money, more lying, more cheating, and plenty of leaving out good ideas in the public discourse. Our corrupt, money soaked system has moved the Republicans farther to the right and Democrats farther to the right.

“Realistic” progressives are left with a Democrat who is politically about on par with a Nixon or an Eisenhower, in other words where Republicans used to be. On any number of issues Obama is nowhere near the liberal he is accused of being. By being “realistic” and voting for Romney or Obama, you are endorsing our system. You’re, in effect saying with your vote, this system is acceptable. You may not like this system any more than I do, but if you vote for either R or O you are giving the powers that be all they need: your cooperation with the system.

It’s way past time to do some King/Gandhian nonviolent noncooperation. If we don’t, we will be where we are today a century from now with the same and probably worse horrible stuff. THAT is what is scary and horrible, FAR more scary than if Romney wins this election. It doesn’t matter much to me if Obama manages to win re-election. Sure, some things will be better, but the overall arc is awful and will continue ad infinitum unless people stop cooperating. What matters more to me is some baby step in progress toward breaking up the current system. (The movement to amend the constitution to overturn Citizens United is part of this too.)

So, yea, I would vote for Jill Stein in whatever state I lived in. I vote for the candidate I like the best. Such a novel idea! If we can get 5% or more this time, then maybe it’s 10% next, then maybe 20%, getting more people to vote for a candidate who is not bought and paid for.

This isn’t idealism, it’s revolution. Women didn’t get the right to vote by realistically agreeing with the men in power. The Labor movement didn’t get collective bargaining by realistically agreeing with labor bosses. The civil rights movement didn’t get its successes by saying oh well we live in the “real world” of discrimination and that’s just how it is. What baloney! Enough is enough. Don’t vote for one of the corporate mainstream candidates.


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