America Needs Health CARE, Not Health INSURANCE

This article is exactly on the money. The mandate in Obamacare is about insurance.  The private, for-profit insurance industry is a major part of the problem with our expensive, inefficient, unjust system. The single payer systems used by virtually all modern, civilized nations on earth except the US, represent a structure that is constitutional (agreed by all sides), less expensive, and produces better health outcomes. Just maybe, a turning down of Obamacare by the Supreme Court will put us on a path to consider single payer.

America Needs Healthcare, Not Health Insurance | Economy | AlterNet.


One response

  1. I have told conservative co-workers who were licking their chops over the prospect of a “defeat” for the left by the court overtuning Obamacare that such a ruling would mean we’ll have single-payer health insurance in 10 to 15 years. No doubt. Obamacare is the last chance for the for-profit health insurance industry to sustain itself.

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